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Born with a sense of humor and with a Grand Moll for a grandmother. Humor & History from the granddaughter of Edna "Rabbit" Murray aka "The Kissing Bandit."

Pam tells the legend of Edna Murray with accuracy and details of a true historian. Only she can tell the story of growing up with Grand "Moll" Edna with the delightful humor she is known for. "Run Rabbit Run" is her first book for which she has spent many years in the making with thorough research and attention to detail. You will not find a more complete history of Edna Murray anywhere else. Be sure to follow her blog. Any story Pam tells will keep you in stitches. Believe me I know. She has been a dear friend for years ever since we found out her grandma was in prison with my cousin Blanche Barrow. She said that Edna and Blanche are looking down on us laughing their asses off that Pam and I are having as much fun as friends as they did when they were alive. I wouldn't doubt it one bit.
--Debborah Reeves Moss, cousin to Blanche Barrow

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