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Edna was a natural when it came to being a Gangster’s Moll. She fit the bill in every aspect. She loved the money, but the action, the risks and the thrill of the chase were right down her alley. Knock the edge off her nerves with a couple shots of “hooch” and she was ready for anything.

Immediately after Volney Davis, whom she was so broken hearted over, was sentenced to life, Edna ran right up to Kansas City, Missouri looking for greener pastures. Her little sister, Doris, was in Kansas City keeping company with Emory Connell, whom she eventually married. Doris and Emory soon had Edna fixed up with Emory’s partner in crime, “Diamond Joe” Sullivan. Edna and “Diamond Joe” married after a two-month courtship.

The foursome of Edna and “Diamond Joe” Sullivan, and Doris and Emory Connell left the Kansas City, Missouri area to spend the summer in a cottage near Little Rock, Arkansas. On the way, they picked up Edna’s son, from her first marriage, Preston Paden, about eight years old, and Doris’ son, from her first marriage, Mott Farrell, age six years. These boys had been living with their maternal Grandparents, Mr. & Mrs. N.D. Stanley, in Cardin, Oklahoma, for the majority of their lives.

This vacation was short lived, though, as not long after their arrival in Arkansas, “Diamond Joe” Sullivan and Emory Connell were captured and arrested for numerous crimes, the worst being the murder of an Oklahoma police officer by Connell, and the murders of Sgt. Moore (being shot in the head three times at point blank range) and Detective Sgt Luther Hay who was shot six times and died two days later. It seems that officers Moore and Hay were working on information of a dice game and other illegal activities at 1005 Chester, Little Rock, Arkansas, home of Rube Waddell, operator of S&S Taxi Company. As Moore and Hay approached the house, both were shot,without warning, by Emory Connell and Joe Sullivan.

With the vacation spoiled, and the men in jail, Edna and Doris, with sons in tow, headed home to Mom and Dad in Cardin, Oklahoma. After a few days to form a new plan, and depositing the boys with their grandparents again, the sisters were off to start yet another chapter of their daring lives.

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