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Little Rock, Arkansas
February 6, 1924

"Emory Connell and Eulos Sullivan, convicts who escaped from the death cell of the Arkansas Penitentiary last Friday, were shot to death in a gun battle with a posse near Redfield, Arkansas late today. Joe Sullivan, third member of the trio which escaped, is in a local hospital in serious condition."

Fred Snodgrass, a newspaper man, was wounded, slightly in the foot during the shooting.

The Convicts were lying hidden in the foliage of a fallen tree top and opened fire, at close range, after members of the posse had passed their hiding place without noticing them.

Emory Connell, handicapped by an artificial leg, whittled the gun with which they made their escape from the death cell. (Donít believe he whittled it FROM his leg, though.)

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